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Operational Support

Most small businesses are hiding cash - from themselves! - in their operations. StrategyWerx' extensive knowledge of operations management is the key to our ability to quickly analyze a business and pinpoint core business problems. 

Our expertise in process analysis, process design, Lean Manufacturing, and systems implementations is essential to our effectiveness. With expertise in just one operational area, the risk is that you will look for the operational problem you understand. We have broad expertise across all  business operations - and recognize that seemingly unrelated operations problems can have broad organizational implications.

The following story illustrates both how critical and simple good operations management can be. A business owner could not get cash flow under control no matter how hard he tried. He attacked the problem from both the spending and receivables perspectives. He carefully monitored each dollar spent, set budget goals, and created policy controls to prevent others from spending. He implemented similar controls in the receivables area, and created incentives to get receivables in on time. Sales were sluggish but still up compared to the prior year, margins were holding steady. Still he could not get cash flow under control.

When StrategyWerx analyzed his management systems, the lack of a cash flow forecasting system was noted. StrategyWerx set up a simple cash-flow forecasting system - a basic control system. Without any other change in sales or financial behavior, cash flow was under control in a few short months. Operations successes are always particularly sweet, because the results are so clear, and frequently, so fast. 

Whether you need to tie your compensation programs to strategic objectives, reduce the cost of production processes, establish more effective relationships with suppliers, or set up production, distribution, or service operations, StrategyWerx has the experience required to help you analyze, plan, and implement better operations management systems.

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