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Business Planning

This service is priced by quote, based on project parameters. Book a free consult to explain your needs and get a quote.

Where does your cash go? Business and cash flow planning are key to your profitability.

People tend to use the terms strategic planning and business planning interchangeably, but they're not the same thing at all. Business Planning is the work of taking your strategy and making it actionable. From finances to human resources to functional requirements to process design, business planning identifies all the things your business must excel at to achieve its goals, then creates a framework to achieve those goals. Business planning takes the big picture of strategy, and envisions it all the way down to the tasks. 

Let StrategyWerx show you how to plan and manage your business. From analyzing where your spending is inefficient to implementing operational improvements that can transform your profitability, StrategyWerx will show you how to be a stronger business planner.