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Merchandising Strategy

At the heart of every successful business is a strong product and/or service offering, and in the consumer facing industries - particularly Jewelry and Luxury Goods - your merchandising strategy will determine your profit or failure.

Too many entrepreneurs are unfamilar with the discipline of merchandising - which includes product analysis, pricing and price point analysis, product selection, product life cycling and markdown strategies, and display - and as a result find themselves in a bad inventory position, serving customers they don't want to serve, experiencing declining revenue, or all of the above.

The disciplines of Merchandising, Inventory Purchasing, and Inventory Management are key to increased sales and profitability in your organization. Yet many businesses do not have enough strength in this area. Let StrategyWerx help you improve your product organization in the following ways:

  • Product Performance Analysis
  • Price Point Analysis and Pricing Strategy
  • Trend Analysis and Anticipating Consumer Buying Patterns
  • Competitive and Market Analysis
  • Financial Literacy and Decision-making for Planners and Buyers
  • Annual and Seasonal Merchandise Strategy & Planning.
  • Product Selection
  • Product Life Cycling
  • Inventory Planning and Management
  • Multi-store Planning and Inventory Management
  • Vendor Management and Purchasing Best Practices
  • Negotiation Skills

Merchandising and buying skills are at the heart of all retail, wholesale, and brand success. Let StrategyWerx help you refine your merchandising strategy so whether you are selling business-to-business or business-to-consumer you can maximize your profitability.

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