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If you are unsure how to use a consultant, you're not alone. Most small business owners are a bit leery about consultants. There are many reasons for this, from inexperience to worry about the fees, to mistrust. (Andrea Hill wrote an excellent article on how to hire a consultant in her blog several years ago. You may want to check it out here). As a consulting agency, StrategyWerx is different. You see, small businesses are different from large corporations, so it makes sense to adapt consulting practices to small business needs and budgets. That's what we've done.

Sure, you can hire us for the big project-based change initiatives that most consulting firms work on. In fact, we're really good at those. We can help you in the areas of strategy, planning, management, leadership development, marketing, branding, human resources, technology, operations, production, manufacturing, and sales. But what if you don't need a big project, and you still want some help? We're set up to do that too.

Expert Advisor: If you need an expert advisor, you will want to work directly with Andrea Hill. She has been the President and/or CEO of several large corporations in several industries, and thus she has the experience necessary to give you the guidance and support you require in your role. The difference from other consulting firms? You can buy her time in as little as 1-hour increments, making it easy and accessible for you to get the expertise you need on a small business budget (and small business owners' schedule!). Click here to book an appointment.

Immersion Training: Andrea also offers in-depth courses on various high-level business topics. These self-paced classes allow you to immerse yourself in a new learning experience while simultaneously creating new business tools (strategic plans, business plans, marketing plans, etc.) for your business. Learn more here.

Online Training: We offer training through MentorWerx, our brand devoted to business training for small business owners—particularly in the jewelry industry. Check out our full offering at the MentorWerx website!

The Werx Blog: Andrea Hill writes a critically acclaimed, widely loved business blog at  She posts new articles once or twice each week, and these articles include some of the best business advice you'll ever receive. For free! Don't want to miss out? Register here to receive an alert each time she posts a new article.

Owning and running a small business can be isolating, but you don't have to have a large corporation with a big payroll to get the support you need. You just need StrategyWerx.

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