Business technology is essential for all Industry 4.0 implementations

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Business Technology

Competition today requires effective use of technology, and technology cuts across every segment of your business, from how you make things to how you sell them and how you maintain your operations. StrategyWerx offers particularly strong understanding of business technology and how to implement it. 

We have hands-on expertise with dozens of business applications, from CRM to POS, from the jewelry industry to the food service industry. StrategyWerx will help you analyze your needs so you spend the right amount of money getting the right amount of computing power. We've managed dozens of major systems conversions and can help you prepare for your new tools, from data preparation to employee training. In many cases we can help you find a hosted solution, significantly reducing investment expense and keeping maintenance expenses at a minimum. Don't let fear of system conversion keep you from pursuing the strategy you need. Let StrategyWerx help.

Our owner, Andrea Hill, has won several awards for managing cultural change along with technology implementation, and has consulted on dozens of CRM, ERP, MRP,  POS, PLM, and data integration for omnichannel implementations around the world. Because StrategyWerx is not aligned with any particular software provider (though we have experience with many of them), we can give you advice and support through the negotiation phase. StrategyWerx will help you analyze your technology needs, prepare, train, and implement. All in plain English.

Retail operations are increasingly touchless and automated

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