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StrategyWerx brings you expertise from growers to chefs and from kitchen to table.

Unless you own a McDonald's franchise, chances are you work hard to gain traffic, control inventory costs, and produce a high quality product that will bring customers back again and again. And of course, if you are the kind of client interested in StrategyWerx services, you probably haven't ever considered owning a fast-food franchise.

StrategyWerx has expertise in the production (from growers to chefs), marketing, branding, human resource, and service challenges of small business focused on delivering farm-to-market, organic, natural, and artisan foods. For many years the artisan/natural food market was able to cultivate very small but premium-paying clientele with little threat of competition from larger corporations. Now things are changing rapidly.

Today, not only major chains specializing in organics like Whole Foods but also major supermarket chains and fresh-food/healthy-food franchises are stepping into the healthy foods arena, and small business owners who have enjoyed relatively protected niches for many years now must learn new ways to compete. There is also good news, as supermarket chains - led by Wal-Mart - commit to buying local farm production and products.

StrategyWerx brings you special expertise designed to help you compete in the changing fresh-foods arena, including:

  • Production methods and inventory control techniques to manage both costs and quality
  • Fresh foods marketing and branding
  • Service design and delivery
  • Inventory control systems, accounting systems, supplier-to-customer management systems, and RFID technology

If you produce an excellent food product and need strategic support to get your product in front of more people, StrategyWerx can help.

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