Designers and Artists

StrategyWerx helps designers from apparel to industrial design turn their passions into profits.

Clothing designers, jewelry designers, chefs, software designers, makers of art/craft/music/experiences for niche markets, specialty tool and equipment designers, people with a very specific, never-prosaic, exciting products idea in your heads - we understand design-centric and arts-based business owners. Even better, we really dig them, and we thoroughly enjoy bringing them the business strategy and knowledge they crave while helping them make a mark on the world with their unique offering.

No canned strategy offering or business plan will work for design or arts-based companies, because they don't fit any particular mold. They do have very specific challenges though, and StrategyWerx knows how to serve those challenges.

Marketing and branding: Design-centric and arts-based businesses need promotional strategies that are highly consistent with their design persona yet effective as marketing and sales tools. StrategyWerx will bridge the gap between the company's inherent identity and consumer perception.

Unique business support. Most artists and designers feel uncomfortable with their business skill - some even feel they can't be trained. We know that's not true. We help them understand and master the business concepts they need to know to be successful design or arts-based business owners. We'll also help them figure out how to fill in the gaps for business tasks that they simply don't have time or inclination to do personally. One of the most common themes of our customer feedback is appreciation for the amount of business knowledge they have gained as a result of working with StrategyWerx.
If you own a design-centric or arts-based business, StrategyWerx is uniquely qualified to bring you sound business practice tailored to your unique needs.

Planning for exit strategy: Exiting a self-named or designer-centric business is very challenging. StrategyWerx understands those challenges and make a plan that takes into account future retirement or exit requirements. Some of our clients want to work forever, and that's no problem. But we still want our clients to make a plan that will give them peace of mind just in case they can't.

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