Blank Piece of Paper

So . . . . 

There's a link on Google talking about a "blank piece of paper for the computer." It links to this website! And we are getting lots and lots of traffic - and people opening chat sessions! - to ask us about how to find the "blank piece of paper."

We have NO idea what that's all about. We write about a lot of things, but never about a "blank piece of paper."

But if we WERE going to write about a blank piece of paper, here are some of the things we would say:

  • Each day you get to start with blank piece of paper. It doesn't matter what happened yesterday - today you get to do it all new! Make the most of it.
  • After you have an argument with a loved one, take out a blank piece of paper. Commit to starting fresh. Don't let yesterday's argument linger in your mind, ready to boil over the next time someone forgets to put away the toothpaste! Arguments are normal, but follow each one with a  blank piece of paper.
  • Never let a blank piece of paper intimidate you! A blank paper is simply potential, and you can do anything you want with it.
  • Don't confuse a blank piece of paper with writers block. Writer's block is what happens when you haven't organized your thoughts yet. A blank piece of paper can help you organize those thoughts, so start there, and the writer's block will go away.
  • Are you business person? Put a blank piece of paper in front of you each day before you do anything — including email! Write on it the one thing that you know would change your business for the better. Keep that blank piece of paper where you can see it all day. Tomorrow, do it again.

So there you have it. We don't know why Google has a link to our domain for an article on a blank piece of paper, but we realize that it's not such a bad idea!

And if you were looking for something else, we sincerely hope you find it. Have a wonderful, blank-piece-of-paper kind of day!


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