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Strategy and Planning Services

Business and Organizational Planning

Where does your cash go? How much production labor will you need in the next year? How will your inventory purchases affect your cash flow? How smooth will your sales be?


How well will your anticiated accounts receivable mesh with your anticipated accounts payable? Business and cash flow planning are key to your profitability. Let StrategyWerx show you how to plan and manage your business. From creating a business plan to analyzing where your spending is inefficient to implementing operational improvements that can transform your profitability, StrategyWerx will show you how to be a stronger business planner.


Once you have a firm understanding of your forecasts, other elements of business planning will be much more accurate, from your marketing and sales planning, to your staff and operations planning. We'll walk you through it, from A-to-Z, and help you develop a stronger, longer-lasting, more profitable business along the way.