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Software Design Firms

Not every company can say this with full confidence, but StrategyWerx understands software engineers. Though we do not engage in software development ourselves, we thoroughly understand the language of software design, and we are formidable translators between the language of software design that engineers speak and the benefits-

and-features language that consumers speak. This is important, because one of the biggest challenges small software design firms experience is making the benefits and potential value of their software idea understandable to the investors, businesses, and resellers who need to understand them in order to become customers.

StrategyWerx can provide critical services in the following areas for software design companies:

Establishing sound cash flow strategies to facilitate and fund the necessary time and attention on R&D
Preparing internal operations to ensure a favorable presentation to banks and potential investors or buyers
Marketing and branding: translating functionality to feature/benefits arguments that have resonance with potential customers
Implementation design and support for complex systems: Designing implementation strategies (self-driven or VAR-based), documentation approaches, and service approaches that ensure successful adoption at the client side.
Business case studies are filled with stories of phenomenal software that failed commercially. Let StrategyWerx round out your product development strategy with our specialized business knowledge of how to get your product properly positioned and to market.