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Business is Business, but . . .

Business is business, no matter which industry you are in or what size your business is. Mastery of the concepts of strategy, competition, pricing, production, marketing, human resources, sales, and distribution is essential for all business owners.




Some industries have specific nuance that can make it challenging to manage some or all of these concepts. So beyond a powerful understanding of the dynamics of growth management and profitability, StrategyWerx has and continues to develop specific knowledge in several specific industry areas, including the jewelry, software, arts-based business, and gourmet foods industries and general independent retail business.

Jewelry Industry Expertise

Our primary consultant for jewelry industry accounts is our owner, Andrea Hill. Andrea is the former CEO of Rio Grande Jewelry Supply in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where she was fully immersed in jewelry marketing, branding, manufacturing, and inventory management. During her 11 years there, Rio enjoyed dramatic growth and gained worldwide brand

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Software Design Firms

Not every company can say this with full confidence, but StrategyWerx understands software engineers. Though we do not engage in software development ourselves, we thoroughly understand the language of software design, and we are formidable translators between the language of software design that engineers speak and the benefits-

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Design-Centric Firms and Arts Based Business

Clothing designers, jewelry designers, chefs, software designers, makers of art/craft/music/experiences for niche markets, specialty tool and equipment designers, people with a very specific, never-prosaic, exciting products idea in your heads - we understand design-centric and arts-based business owners. Even better, we really dig them, and we thoroughly

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Fresh-Foods, Organic, and Artisan Foods Purveyors

Unless you own a McDonald's franchise, chances are you work hard to gain traffic, control inventory costs, and produce a high quality product that will bring customers back again and again. And of course, if you are the kind of client interested in StrategyWerx services, you probably haven't ever considered owning a fast-food franchise.

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We Also Serve . . .

But just to keep things fresh and interesting, we also have wonderful clients in the transportation, financial services, farming, and dental industries!