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Marketing & Promotion

Too many marketing programs are superficial - attractive in the graphics and execution, but without impact. Why? Because they lack integrity, character, core principles. Marketing

programs built on a strong strategic foundation, integrated with an intelligently developed brand, and administered with full understanding of the expected results yield high returns for the companies that produce them. The business problems we see as a direct result of poorly developed marketing strategy include: acquisition of the wrong type of customers, shrinking margins, increased sales expense, increased service costs, bloated marketing and advertising budgets, and sluggish or decreased revenue. Failure to market is ultimately failure to thrive. Most marketing missteps are the result of failure to set clear goals that are tested against the strategy and vetted in relationship to the brand. This failure results in a host of organizational problems, including off-the-mark advertising campaigns, poor customer acquisition rates, failure to increase AOV and CLTV, customer attrition, and wasteful program and promotion development.


Let StrategyWerx help you develop a sound marketing and promotional strategy based on your strategic intent and growth objectives. We understand that marketing is part psychology, part analytics, and part creativity, and we bring all those elements to the table to help you develop a marketing plan that drives the revenue you're banking on.