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See the Big Picture

Strategy is about intention and competition. A good strategy defines the way a business intends to compete so it doesn't have to compete solely on price (a business-killer every time). 


StrategyWerx helps small business owners clarify their intentions, align the functions of their businesses to ensure successful competition, turn a profit, and grow.


When business professionals speak of wasted resources they mean anything a company does which does not directly serve its competitive goals, which costs more to do than it should, or which inhibits the company from doing strategic work. StrategyWerx helps you align every activity and function in your company to serve your strategy (or to minimize costs if an activity is non-strategic but required). Every company has some areas of strategic strength and other areas of strategic weakness. We quickly identify strategic weaknesses and help you prioritize them. Then we solve them one-by-one, bringing you closer to strategic success with every step.


Small business owners can't afford to waste a dollar. So they can't afford to be non-strategic. Let StrategyWerx help you turn your business into the finely tuned machine you want and deserve. Your profit depends on it.