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StrategyWerx on Selling

How to sell is a strategic choice, part of your 'secret sauce' as a small business. Effective selling usually involves multiple disciplines, such as sales reps, or building an in-house sales department, or selling online. StrategyWerx will help you identify the best selling strategies to meet your business goals, then help you plan, implement, and train for selling success.

StrategyWerx on Negotiation

The basis of a good negotiation is a solid understanding of both parties' needs. It is in this first - and most important - step that most negotiations fail. By the time your lawyer is reading contracts, it may be too late to define the business deal that you really need. Let StrategyWerx help. We will walk you through the process of specifying your requirements and desires before the hard negotiating starts. The clarity you will gain from this process will lead you into a much more successful, and satisfying, negotiation.

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Marketing and the Sales Cycle

Selling is hard. So hard, that unless you know some facts about it, you might just think you're terrible at it! It may be comforting to you to know that the struggles in selling are real and universal. The good news? Once you understand these facts about the sales cycle, your confidence will increase and so will your selling success. Click here for the full image.

If You're Suffering, It's Probably Sales

Most of the time, when we are called in to help a client with a struggling business, the solution is to sell. Sell smarter, sell more often, sell to the right people. If your business isn't performing the way you want it to, take a careful look at your sales strategy and sales function. Do you have the right people in sales roles? Do you know who you should be selling to? Do you have a Top 25 sales target at all times - a list of the individuals or accounts you want to turn into active clients? Right now, before this idea gets away from you, take 10 minutes to think about your sales function. If it's not performing as it should be, neither is your business. 

Sales Management

Do you love sales or hate it? Ever since someone demonized the used car fellow and marketing became the darling of the business schools, sales has been a sadly maligned business practice.

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