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Elisabeth Austin Busiek
2016-03-14, 21:07
Meeting was full of value. Andrea can not only mentor on communications but as evidenced by her own incredibly organized communications she can probably show you how to WOW your clients with responsiveness. There was no question as to where, when and how she was going to help me. From a "client" perspective she made sure I couldn't go wrong.
2014-11-11, 01:53
I was at one of your presentations a while ago when you were talking about manufacturing improvements for one or two person shops. Do you have a video of that? I really wish I'd written more notes.

StrategyWerx offers small business consulting services to jewelry, luxury, craft, fine art, and lifestyle brands. Our consulting specialties include strategy, business planning, marketing, sales, human resources (hiring, teambuilding, planning), manufacturing, and distribution operations.

Ted D.
2015-09-06, 02:09
I just have to say that if anyone thinks consultants are those who can teach but can't do you haven't worked with Andrea Hill. She ran Rio Grande Jewelers and Packaging and she made it great, and so we thought of her when we wanted to do some things with our business. She has been right on the mark with everything we needed. Ted.
Claire K
2014-11-04, 01:47
I have hired Andrea several times to help me solve business problems. I credit her with getting my business off on the right foot and keeping it there. It was very good news for all of us when she opened her consulting firm.
2014-08-11, 01:39
We had Andrea Hill at StrategyWerx do a seminar for us to help develop our management team. Nobody was looking forward to it. We all expected stupid management games and trust falls. But instead what we did was intense and smart and made us feel like the time we spent was worth it. So good job. I would recommend StrategyWerx for team building and management building any time.

Mary T.
2014-06-26, 01:34
Thank you so much for taking the time to sit with me and my husband at the show. I can't tell you how much help you wre to us. I will surely call you again when we need more help.
Jim Jerue
2010-04-26, 01:44
I've seen Andrea in action as both a senior executive and in her consulting role. She is smart, thoughtful, decisive and hard-working. She is an excellent choice to get you from point A to whatever point you're trying to get to down the alphabet. Highly recommended.
Jim Binnion
2009-09-24, 01:45
Andrea's knowledge and expertise has been a great help allowing me to better understand my business. I will hire her for further consulting in the future.
Hedda Schupak
2009-09-23, 01:46
Andrea is forward-thinking, efficient, and pragmatic. She is able to expertly assess a company's or individual's current situation and quickly help that organization or individual identify its ideal goals for future positioning and development. She also is able to expertly identify and help them develop an implementation plan for the systems and processes necessary to achieve that goal. At the same time, however, she is able to focus that plan on a realistic plane so that the client actually can implement it with existing resources.

MentorWerx is business training: webinars, online classes, videos, books, whitepapers, podcasts - all the help you need to build a better business!

2016-06-22, 21:09
I have been taking the strategy class on how to differentiate a jewelry business and I can't believe how much am learning. I knew I needed a business plan or strategy or something, but wasn't sure where to begin. This class walks me through all the steps of marking my strategy and I get more excited about my business each day. I finally fell like I know what I am supposed to do next.
2016-03-14, 02:17
I don't know if I should put this under Andrea Hill or MentorWerx. I really appreciate the podcasts. Some of them are so close to home for me that I listen to them over and over again. You didn't do them for a few weeks and I really missed them. So please keep them coming because I bet other people like them as much as I do.
2016-02-28, 02:12
I have just started your strategy class and I have to say its magnificant! I can't believe how much there is to learn but we are having fun dooing it -- my husband and I are doing it together -- and it leads to lots of good ideas and conversations and we are learning so much. I'm only a week into it so I'll probably have more to say later.
Mary W.
2015-04-26, 01:58
Thanks for putting together this sight! Lots of us would like to hire Andrea for consulting but just don't have the $$. Love all the videos and downloads and thanks for making some of them free!!! I'll keep coming back.
2015-01-17, 01:51
I just watched your presentation about changing the way you think about social media. I wish I'd watched it before the holiday season because I would have done some things very different. Will you be making more videos on social media? And will you be speaking in the Atlanta area any time soon?

SupportWerx provides marketing services of every type, with special emphasis on digital marketing. Websites, social media management, SEO, online advertising - let us help you build a Big Business Brand on a Small Business Budget!

Amy Shapiro
2016-01-14, 02:11
I just have to say whew! We wouldn't have made it through the holiday season without the team at SupportWerx. We love you guys!
2015-05-26, 01:59
Maybe you could consider doing a social media subscription that's less than $450? There are some places with plans for around $200 a month which is more in the small guys budget.
2015-05-08, 02:00
We are using Supportwerx for our social media and it has gone surprisingly well. I didn't think it would work to use an outside company because of all the things they would need to know, but they make it easy to give information to them and they have a really good understanding of what goes on in a jewelry store. It's been painless, and our social media is growing.
Kim F.
2015-02-26, 01:54
Supportwerx saved my BUTT. I needed a brochure and some posters at the last minute, and they came out on time and perfect. Plus we always have good laughs when I work with them. Thanks everybody!
Cindy E.
2014-07-13, 01:35
I LOVE your team! You are always so helpful and professional and take good care of us. Thank you!
Cheryl B.
2014-07-05, 01:36
Thank you thank you thank you. I should have told you this last month but things were just so crazy. Everything you did for us was perfect, our booth was beautiful, and all our handouts made us look like we had it together (which you know we did NOT)!! You guys are great and put up with the crazy very nicely.
Valerie Stout
2014-04-26, 01:38
This is a very special kudo for Tiffany, Katie, and Janet. They are the utmost of professionals and always take such good care of me. Make sure you don't lose them!

In addition to providing consulting services, The 'Werx owner Andrea Hill (Hill Management Group, LLC) often does keynotes, seminars, book signings, and presentations.

Tara S.
2016-06-19, 17:38
After listening to Andrea talk about marketing and then applying what she told us to do I'm amazed she isn't on the cable news shows. She broke marketing down into perfect explanations that we had ever even thought about and also showed us how to do it. Why didn't we find her earlier?
2016-04-26, 01:40
Your How to Hire book is the best business book I ever read. Very to the point and useful. I tell everyone I know who does any hiring to buy it.
2016-04-22, 02:15
I don't usually write testimonials but this is over and above. Andrea Hill did a presentation at the SMART show on improving the shop, and she promised to send out the slides from her presentation. But instead she sent out a whole video with the presentation speech and everything. Definitely over and above.
2016-04-17, 02:14
I just attended both of your seminars at the SMART show and I am so impressed by your knowledge and the way you got your ideas across. The best seminars I did all day! Thanks again. I gave you my card so you could send me the slides. I can't wait to watch them and review my notes.
2016-03-14, 02:13
Really liked the CAD presentation at MJSA. It was interesting and didn't just go over the same things we all know already.
Rachel G.
2015-10-19, 02:08
So so true! If information was power the librarians would run the world right? I really love your articles in MJSA and look forward to them every month. And now I just started reading your blog and I'm trying to catch up on all the articles I missed before! Thank you.
2015-07-05, 02:06
Your article about risk really hit the nail on the head for me. I'm pretty comfortable with getting out there with a design, but very conservative when it comes to business. I like your suggestions for getting more comfortable with trying new things even ifthey don't work.
2015-06-06, 02:02
WHERE ARE YOU?? Why weren't you at JCK? We count on getting our Andrea fix there. I'm outing you in public for not being there.
2015-03-26, 01:57
We got to meet with Andrea Hill at MJSA and she really answered our questions. We've met with a lot of experts but nobody was able to go into such depth with such expertise on the jewelry business like she did. I wish we'd found her sooner.
2014-11-01, 01:56
I was really disappointed you weren't at Confab.
Denice S.
2014-09-09, 20:04
I just wanted to let you know that your Fight the Fear article in the MJSA journal is very helpful. Thank you. The De-Risker exercise is simple, but detailed enough to get me through the unknown. I'm looking forward to reading about letting go of control. I fit in with sacrificing the good for the perfect.
2014-08-14, 02:04
I really liked what you said about differentiation in your MJSA article this month. It always seems so hopeless to try to differentiate on design. It's important, but it's all just so up to someones taste that it seems fruitless. But When you add in the other ways to differentiate it makes a lot more sense and it feels like something I can do.
2014-07-21, 01:43
The How to Hire Handbook is a fantastic book for anyone who does any hiring or training. It is clearly written, concise, and packed with amazing information that you can use immediately for your next hire or training. It is full of specific information on how to write the ad, the right questions to ask in the interview process, as well as the best approach for interviewing, training, and assessing. Many business books speak in generalities, but this book is full of specifics that you will use again and again.
One of the most valuable business books that I have read.
2014-06-14, 01:48
I was at your Branding seminar at JCK. That was the best information I have ever heard on branding. It actually makes sense now!
Roberta Ryan
2014-06-11, 01:42
The How to Hire Handbook for Small Business Owners provides a clear and logical process for hiring from a very wise and experienced woman. I highly recommend it.
2014-06-09, 01:50
Andrea Hill is a rockstar! She gave the best presentation on brand at JCK and kept the room absolutely HOOKED.
2014-06-08, 01:49
Excellent branding seminar at the show. You are a very good speaker. Solid content. Packed room and nobody left either.
2014-03-26, 01:26
I have to tell you how much I love the blog. It's my go-to whenever I need a pick me up or when I need some business advice. Don't ever stop writing it!
2014-01-26, 01:33
I wish I wish I wish I could come to your strategy seminar in New York! Please tell me you'll do one in California or at least closer? I never miss your MJSA articles and I really need this info!