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Digital Dimensions: Technology in Transforming Behavior

On Thursday, April 12, 2018 Andrea Hill present this talk at Initiatives in Art and Culture's Gold Conference in New York City.

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Technology has long played a critical role in transforming work, communities and the economy. The jewelry industry is aware that society, our target markets, and consumer behavior are changing, but this awareness seems to lack context, which may be the reason that industry response to these changes is lagging. Without context, there cannot be genuine understanding of what consumers want. Without genuine understanding, there is no relevance. And marketing is only successful when steeped in relevance.

In this talk, Andrea Hill will examine these changes from the consumer behavioral perspective, which is the opposite of our usual approach of looking at change from the perspective of negative business results. By framing the issues in this way, she will shed light on not only what jewelry businesses must do to compete in this new reality, but why each change matters. This approach facilitates addressing changes in consumer behavior from a place of deep understanding, which will allow marketers to move beyond basic tactical planning and into strategic marketing.


Tickets are still available. Use the code WERX to save $150 off your ticket price.