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StrategyWerx on Branding

The nature of branding is changing, driven like never before by consumers, consumer conversation, and consumer expectations. At the same time, it is now possible for small businesses to compete with the best branding strategies. StrategyWerx will show you how to create an iconic brand on a small business budget

Branding, Marketing & Sales

When a company is not earning sufficient profit, the problem is usually in one of two areas: Either the company has operational deficiencies that keep it from attracting and keeping customers, or it is failing to get the message out about its offering.


  • Targeting the wrong customers
  • Failing to communicate the right messages
  • Inconsistency and lack of focus (we call it ADD advertising)
  • Inadequate selling activity
  • And the big one - underfunding or spending marketing dollars on the wrong things


Marketing, branding, promotion, public relations, advertising, and selling are all elements of the overall marketing discipline. Different strategies require these elements in differing quantities, much like pancakes, cookies, bread, and glue all use water, flour, and sugar in different ways to achieve different results. StrategyWerx will help you identify which marketing elements your strategy requires. Then we help you carefully focus and design your marketing activities to get maximum results for every dollar you spend.


Get your best message out to the right people and start spending your marketing dollars wisely. StrategyWerx will help.

All About the Merchandise

At the heart of every successful business is a strong product and/or service offering, and in the consumer facing industries - particularly Jewelry and Luxury Goods - your merchandising strategy can be the difference between profit and failure. Too many entrepreneurs are unfamilar with the discipline of merchandising - which includes product analysis, pricing and price point analysis, product selection, product life cycling and markdown strategies, and display - and as a result find themselves in a bad inventory position, serving customers they don't want to serve, experiencing declining revenue, or all of the above.


Let StrategyWerx help you refine your merchandising strategy so whether you are selling business-to-business or business-to-consumer you can maximize the benefits of your sales, promotions, website, floor-space, and displays.

StrategyWerx on Marketing

Our marketing strengths run deep. Our owner, Andrea Hill, started her career at one of the advertising agency giants of the past, Foote, Cone & Belding. From there she moved to the Direct Marketing industry as direct marketing analytics and strategies were setting the stage for database marketing - the same disciplines that form today's foundation for internet marketing and strategies. StrategyWerx takes all that history, experience, and theory and builds upon it every day with knowledge and practice in today's digital marketing mediums. We bring you the best of traditional and digital marketing strategy, theory, and practice, so you can keep taking your business to the next level.

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Marketing and the Sales Cycle

Selling is hard. So hard, that unless you know some facts about it, you might just think you're terrible at it! It may be comforting to you to know that the struggles in selling are real and universal. The good news? Once you understand these facts about the sales cycle, your confidence will increase and so will your selling success. Click here for the full image.