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Sometimes you just need a bit of business advice — fast. We make it easy, with self-booking appointments. Each appointment is with Andrea Hill, owner of StrategyWerx.

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Most consultants only work on retainers or for minimum commitments. While StrategyWerx does offer similar services, sometimes you just need a bit quality advice, right away. You need a by-the-hour consultation. You can book Andrea Hill's time, in one-hour blocks, any time you need it. From brainstorming to problem-solving, this hour is yours to discuss whatever you need to discuss.

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Have questions about our services? Would you like to know how we can help you, how we work, or what your project or consulting needs might cost? We'd love to discuss it with you! You can book a 20-minute consultation (free, of course) to discuss your needs, or send us an email. We'll answer your questions and figure out how we can help!

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StrategyWerx offers consulting services on a range of business disciplines, including overall business strategy and planning, marketing and sales, human resources planning and development, operations, and systems design.

  • Strategic Planning

    The StrategyWerx process distills strategy into a lean approach with business goals that are visual, motivating, and actionable. Turn your business goals into objectives for every person in and partner to your company.

  • Leadership Development

    Leadership is an entirely different set of skills than Management. Both are necessary for success, but the skills of a leader will make the difference between people who do what you say, and people who are driven to excellence because they're inspired to join you in achieving your goals.

  • Management & Team Development

    Strong teams and managers make strong businesses. Creating those players isn't about luck — it takes intention and skill. We'll show you how to align and motivate your teams and develop the management talent you need to achieve your goals.

  • Business Planning

    Let StrategyWerx show you how to plan and manage your business. From analyzing where your spending is inefficient to implementing operational improvements that can transform your profitability, StrategyWerx will show you how to be a stronger business planner.

  • Human Resources

    StrategyWerx offers a range of Human Resource services, including human resource planning, hiring, pre-employment assessments, training/onboarding program development, compensation planning and analysis, and professional development for yourself and your team.

  • Marketing Strategy

    Get beyond mere promotion with a marketing strategy designed to achieve your strategic goals, drive prospecting and sales, and align all the customer-facing facets of your company.

  • Branding: Beyond the Buzzwords

    A deep understanding of brand — beyond the superficial elements most companies focus on — can change your competitive position. We'll show you how.

  • Strategic Sales Management

    The most underutilized, under-trained function of most small and mid-sized businesses is sales strategy and management. We can help you fix that.

  • Product Strategy & Management

    At the heart of every successful business is a strong product lifecycle management process. From conception to delivery, your product game must be on-point.

  • Business Technology

    Technology requirements cut across every function of your business, and today's competitive environment demands effective use of technology. From technology selection through implementation, we will guide you.

  • Distribution & Logistics

    Digital marketing and selling changes everything, and the skill required to run a tight distribution operation eludes many businesses. We'll guide you through the processes, equipment, and infrastructure you need to leverage distribution operations.

  • Operations Design

    Most small businesses are hiding cash - from themselves! - in their operations. StrategyWerx' extensive knowledge of operations management is the key to our ability to quickly analyze a business and pinpoint core business problems. 

How We Work

We keep things simple at StrategyWerx. With easy ways to book appointments, clear proposals that are actually interactive and fun to read, and collaborative tools to keep us on the same page, your will find the entire experience of working with us to be low-stress and high-productivity.

  • Let's Discuss


    We start by discussing your business needs, what problems you are trying to solve, and how we can help you.

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  • Proposal


    We'll make you a comprehensive proposal, outlining how we can help and what our services will cost. 

  • Let's Get to Work!


    After that, it's time to get to work. We'll set clear objectives and deliverables, and dig right in. We can't wait to get started.

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